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Let us introduce you a new amazing project about Poland, Scotland and the mutual links between these countries. It is a great opportunity to learn and participate for people of all ages. 


Follow all up to date information about the Polish Scottish Heritage Project on facebook here.

The project needs you! Interested in multimedia or history? Join the team! More information here.

The Polish-Scottish Heritage trail aims to promote a greater awareness of Poland and Scotland's shared heritage.

The Polish-Scottish Heritage trail aims to promote a greater awareness of Poland and Scotland's shared heritage. The project is being developed by the Polish Cultural Festival Association. 

It is especially important now that the Polish community in Scotland is larger than ever before (67 000), to discover those long lasting connections, preserving and celebrating the shared histories of places, events and people for present and future generations. 

The project will gather historical information and provide interpretation using a variety of multimedia story telling techniques (e.g. photographs, videos, podcasts - prepared in an Oral History sub-project).

All of the material will then be organised into an easy to follow and understand “Heritage Trail” in the format of an interactive map with histories of places, events and people linked to the specific location, all presented on a website. 

To make sure that a greater number and wider range of people are taking an active part in learning and making decisions about our shared PolishScottish heritage, project we will develop a range of educational events like, such as workshops, lectures and exhibitions as well as providing training opportunities for volunteers participating in Oral History sub-project).

If you are interested in taking part in the project contact:
Lidia Krzynowek : 
or Joanna Zawadzka : 


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